There is an underlying angst in all of Lee’s paintings. It is in his active brush work, rich use of impasto textures, and especially in his emotional compositions.  One of his most recent paintings, A Formidable Wall, is featured in the group exhibit Honor: People & Salmon, Kittredge Gallery, University of Puget Sound, WA, March 6 – April 15, 2023, curated by Britt Freda.

Real Time Memories Series (2007 – Ongoing)

All the semi-abstract expressionist paintings in this series reference earth, sky and water and take painterly liberties with space and perspective. They are acrylic on canvas and there is also a related photography series and a photo-based drawing series available to view upon request. Just send an e-mail to The most recent paintings from the Series can be seen on the In Studio page. This Series is featured online via and includes an artist statement.

Delicate Balance, 40″ x 30″.

Ground Glyph, 40″ x 30″.

Desire Path, 40″ x 30″.

Reverberation, 30″ x 40″. This painting was included in Accreted Terrane, a major group exhibition at the Museum of Northwest Art, La Conner, WA.


Unwavering Adoration Series (2004-11)

These surrealistic drawings are mixed-media on Rives paper and there are over 100 in the Series. They were inspired by thoughts Lee had while hiking through the forest. Prices range from $500. to $2,500..

Whispering Wind, 26″ x 20″

Midnight Whistle, 20″ x 26″

Walkin’ With The Rain, 20″ x 13″. This drawing has been featured in two invitational exhibitions.

Facing the Wilderness, 20″ x 26″. This drawing has been featured in 3 invitational exhibitions and honored with two awards.

Slip-Sliden’ Series (2003 – 2005)

These semi-abstract expressionist, oil and acrylic on canvas, paintings reference the angst Lee feels about the destruction of old growth forest and how that leads to soil erosion. They range in price from $1,000. to $3,000 .Photo-based drawing/prints from this Series can be seen on the Exhibit Proposal page.

#1. Oil & acrylic on canvas. 48″ x 36″.

#2. Oil & acrylic on canvas. 48″ x 36″.

#3. Oil & acrylic on canvas. 48″ x 36″.

#4. Acrylic on canvas. 46″ x 26″.

Stumped Series (1999 – 2004)

Lee began making paintings and drawings about our relationship to (and reliance on) trees in 1968. Most of his early works about the subject were destroyed in a major earthquake in Los Angeles in 1971. He has since completed 39 paintings in this surrealistic Series and prices range from $1,000. to $5,000..

Smoldering, acrylic on canvas. 48″ x 36″. This painting is featured in the e-zine WakeUpScreaming Edition 13 Trees.

Schism, oil & acrylic on canvas. 72″ x 36″. SOLD

Coming Home to Roost, oil & acrylic on canvas. 36″ x 24″.

“Thinking To Oneself”, oil and acrylic on 48″x36″ canvas.






Grounded Series (1999 – 2004)

There are 37 oil and acrylic impasto on canvas paintings in this surrealistic Series and prices range from $2,500. to $5,000. A video of Lee working on this Series (and the Stumped Series) was filmed by Oregon Public Broadcasting Television for its December 30, 2004 edition of Oregon Art Beat and can be viewed free online.

Dawn, oil & acrylic on canvas, 24″x48″.

Scenic Overlook, oil & acrylic on canvas. 24″x48″.

Clear Cut, oil & acrylic on canvas. 24″x48″. SOLD

Manifest Destiny (1989-98)

This Series consists of 30 semi-abstract expressionistic, acrylic on canvas, paintings concerned with natural settings that have been altered by contemporary man. Each painting has a thick impasto texture. Prices range from $2,500. to $5,000.

#1, 30″ x 40″

#3. 30″ x 40″.

#4. 48″ x 36″.

#5. 56″ x 96″.

Happenstance Series (1991-92)

There are 50 acrylic on canvas paintings in this abstract landscape Series and prices range from $1,000. to $5,000.. Lee addressed this theme for the first time with a series of drawings completed when he was only 13 years old… he still has them.

#9. 21.5″ x 27″.

#14. 21.5″ x 27″.

#19. 34″ x 56″.

#20. 54″ x 66″.

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