Exhibit Proposals

For Gallery Directors and Museum Curators

If you are looking for an engaging exhibition that can be customized to suit your specific venue needs, Lee respectfully offers the following two. Both are available with adjustable inventory so they can be tailored to fit any size space.

Below: Photos of Lee Musgrave: On A Tangent exhibit at the Cafritz Gallery, Sitar Arts Center, Washington DC. 

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Exhibition #1, Title… Lee Musgrave: On A Tangent

Entrance Text Panel…    Lee Musgrave is an avid hiker, when he returns to his studio, his sojourns into nature are converted into allegorical images that explore the edges of environmental concerns and philosophical longing.  Often, while working on a painting an aspect of it sparks his imagination and sends him off onto a tangent line of exploration. Having points in common with the initial painting, the works he creates in the tangent line enlarges the concept of the initial painting and goes on to embrace a broader range of thoughts and feelings. Featured in many solo and group exhibitions, Lee Musgrave has been honored with an Artist Trust/National Endowment for the Arts Fellowship. He lives in White Salmon, Washington.

Initial painting & tangent line prints

Slip Sliden’ #3, 48″ x 36″

Muddle Roil #1

Muddle Roil #2

Muddle Roil #3








The painting Slip Sliden’ Series #3 is concerned with environmental issues related to cutting down old growth forest. It led to a tangent line of 29” x 21” (framed) photo-based archival pigment prints that reflect on soil erosion and the transitory aspects of nature. The total number of prints exhibited would be determined by the available space. Each print has been hand finished with colored pencil. There are 7 paintings and over 20 prints to select from.

Exhibition #2… What Is Real: Abstract Photography Today

Un-staged and recorded in-camera, these ‘found’ images are gestures in patience as Lee waited for nature to produce what he describes as precious gems… gems with the inherent qualities found in contemporary abstraction… images that exude a sense of wonder and mystery, complemented by the essence of nature’s elemental poetry. Except for minor modifications in contrast or hue the only computer graphic processes applied to the photographs is the occasional clone stamping of small light reflections and distractive spots. Upon close viewing, visitors to the exhibition are amazed to discover that these engaging images consists of mud, sand, pebbles, rocks, plant debris, snow, ice and/or clouds.. completely orchestrated by nature.

Pleasure Ripples #1

Straeia Swell #3

Effervescent Thaw #7

Talise #1

Sweet Risings #4







The subjects for these photographs were all found on the land adjacent to Lee’s studio.

The exhibit can feature photographs from a single Series or a select few from several different Series’. There are over 50 individual Series’ to select images from. Most photo’s are 16″x20″ with a few larger sizes available if space permits. The exhibition also includes text panels about our relationship to nature in this new century, the uniqueness of each Series’ and some thoughts about contemporary approaches to abstract nature photography. Additional texts and images available for this exhibition can be found in the Photography section of this website.

A third exhibit option is also available. It consists of staged abstract sill-life images created and photographed on Lee’s studio work table. Dozens of these exciting images can be seen on the Photography page; on Instagram (leemusgrave_art); and on www.lensculture.com/lee Musgrave. The exhibit includes many of Musgrave’s award winning photographs and is geared toward serious devotees of contemporary art.

SPECIAL NOTES: These 3 exhibitions include additional written material that can be used in brochures or for educational and promotional purposes. All of the work is framed and wired for easy installation. Plus Lee would be happy to assist with installation and be available for a gallery walk, lecture, and/or workshop. There is no rental fee for any of the exhibitions. Please don’t hesitate to contact Lee should you wish further information or to view additional images.









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